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Natural Chic

Immersed in the Veronese lands, just 15 km from Verona, has born Tenuta La Zambonina. A green frame, made up of enchanting gardens, envelops the Tenuta and makes it possible for its guests to experience emotions.

An elegant 17th century Villa in the center, is its heart and hallmark.

Recently renovated with particular attention to decoration, La Zambonina is an enchanting place that combines the ancient and the modern, through country chic style.

The warm and welcoming provençal atmospheres, which are inspired by everything that recalls nature and life in the open air, still reflect the link with its matriarchal history that has been handed down from generation to generation.

An enchanting place, which combines the passion of the women who have always managed it, the originality of the environment, refinement and taste. All enclosed in the green setting of green gardens that give a relaxed and livable mood with a touch of country chic sophistication. In this setting, the boundary between inside and outside becomes blurred and elegance blends with a delicate aesthetic balance between beauty, nature and comfort.

Staying at Villa La Zambonina allows you to live many experiences: there are guests who like to relax by the pool and those who prefer to go jogging in the countryside; those who leave every morning for a new destination and then come back and be pampered with an aperitif and a good dinner and those who go to the lake to return happy in the evening to a place that can be considered a second home.


Deep into nature

The Tenuta is crossed by many paths and it is possible to take pleasant walks in a natural environment full of streams, populated by herons, hawks, owls and wild ducks.

Respecting nature, the land of Tenuta La Zambonina has been converted into an organic farm and the supply of the energy resources necessary for the villa comes from a photovoltaic system.

Taking full advantage of the resources that the territory provides, the farm embraces all stages of rice production, from the paddy field to the final consumer. For this reason, risotto is a real must at Tenuta La Zambonina.

Our rice

Rooted in tradition we cultivate excellence

Who we are

There is nothing more beautiful than “feeling at home away from home”.

A well-kept and suggestive villa; Marina is a volcano of sunshine that is always available and punctual in looking after its guests.

If you want to disconnect from the routine, Tenuta La Zambonina awaits you.


Da ospite a protagonista

An event organized at Villa La Zambonina can only leave an indelible memory: elegant rooms, original and large spaces – both indoors and outdoors – where guests can be welcomed, intense perfumes, refined settings, and a gaze that is always immersed in greenery.
Tenuta La Zambonina, perfectly organized to accommodate families, ceremonies, private or corporate events, meetings and conferences, offers suggestive spaces and views where guests can experience unique emotions.

The estate is a few kilometers from Verona, the city of lovers. In fact, a beautiful and romantic trip is to go and see the most famous balcony in the world, that of Romeo and Juliet which overlooks a small internal courtyard. Lovers stand with their noses up looking at the balcony from which Juliet looked out to look at her Romeo. What could be more romantic for two lovers than being embraced under this famous and beautiful balcony?

If the event you have imagined has always been just a dream for you, WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU BECAUSE WE CAN TURN IT INTO REALITY.

We got married in this beautiful location and the memory of a magical place will accompany us forever! Everything has been treated in detail,
and has far exceeded our expectations!

Marco e Sara

Winter welcome

Passion, simplicity and hospitality are our philosophy of life. Our goal is to offer you the best and make you feel at home.

A warm and professional welcome ensures a pleasant and charming stay, thanks to the attention to detail. Linen sheets and towels, fresh flowers in your room, unique scents and flavors for candlelit dinners, Tenuta La Zambonina is this and more for those who love to take care of themselves and indulge in unique experiences.

During winter months La Zambonina offers unique romantic solutions in private apartments.

Loft and Guest House are the two solutions offered by the Tenuta for those who want to stay “in holiday style” and conveniently organize visits to Verona, Mantua, Vicenza, Padua and Venice. But also for those who want to enjoy the quiet and the convenience of being a few steps from Lake Garda.

The Loft, equipped with 3 double bedrooms with bathroom, is a real unicum of its kind for elegance and particularity. Housed in an old granary, the original materials of which have been kept intact, the Loft of Tenuta La Zambonina has a harmonious and welcoming style that evokes the past with a nod to modernity.

The Guest House, equipped with 2 double bedrooms with bathroom and 2 single bedrooms with shared bathroom, is located on the west-side of Villa La Zambonina. Renovated and equipped with an independent heating system, the Guest House offers a large living area on the ground floor while the sleeping area is on the first floor.

Each structure has its own independent kitchen, its own living room and modern spaces furnished with care for everyday life and for pleasant exceptions, such as aperitifs or dinners with friends.

Between love
and sustainability

Veneto is a beautiful region full of history, populated by sunny people, proud of their land. The love for the place is transmitted by the passion and attention to detail that guarantee to the guests of Tenuta La Zambonina to fulfill their every wish.

Within a few kilometers you will find: lake, mountains, plains, cultural cities and historic villages rich in tradition and a favorite destination for those who love to enjoy excellent food paired with excellent wines.

If you stop in Vigasio you could visit not only Verona, but also Venice and its splendid islands: Murano, Burano and Torcello.

Chioggia is a characteristic Venetian village, where you can experience a typically fishermen’s atmosphere.

Halfway between the City of Love and the City of Sustainability, is Vigasio, an important communication hub, which was located on the Roman road that connected Mantua to Verona.

“Oh Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou romeo?”
Verona, the city where Shakespeare set the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet: the most famous and loved story of all time. A city that makes you dream and fall in love whose obligatory stops, for those who visit it, are the places of the two lovers, Juliet’s house with the famous balcony, her tomb and Romeo’s house.

Mantua, a city that best of all has been able to face the challenge of sustainability, focusing on technological innovation and urban regeneration to mitigate climate change. Bike paths and transport – free shuttles offer tourists the opportunity to visit a city of art with the utmost respect for the environment. Mantua is in the top ten of the most tree-lined cities with 32 trees per 100 inhabitants.

Mantua also thinks of vegetarian and vegan restaurants with many choices, so as not to disappoint any of the inhabitants and tourists who want to visit one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Where we are

Via Zambonina, 68 – 37068 VIGASIO (VR)

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